Interior Design Trends for 2021

Before 2020, most Denver residents (and most Americans) spent their days commuting to work, spending the day at the office, and making evening plans to enjoy time with friends and family. In other words, time at home was limited, and interior design was intended to accommodate this transient lifestyle. However, the circumstances of the pandemic in 2020 meant Denver residents were spending most of their time living, working, and playing within the four walls of their own home. Although the pandemic is far-reaching in its effect on our lifestyle in 2021 and beyond, this shift has also significantly impacted interior design trends. Let’s look at exactly how Americans are shifting their design aesthetics to accommodate the current and post-pandemic way of life. 

Overall Concepts

Prior to 2020, interior design shifted towards open-concept floor plans, neutral color palettes, minimalist decor, and the convenience of faux decor and fast furniture. However, spending the majority of time at home has caused a transformation in the ways home-dwellers are decorating.

In recent years, the open-concept floor plan has topped the wish lists of homebuyers. However, with many people forced to use their home as temporary offices, classrooms, and playrooms, the privacy that an open-concept home lacks has resulted in a lack of function. Suddenly, rooms with a closeable door are becoming a private escape for getting some much-needed work done. Although people will start returning to the office again by mid-to-late 2021, homeowners will likely make their dwelling spaces more conducive to offering private getaways - even when returning to the pre-pandemic way of life.

In addition, the concept of neutral color palettes, which has become popularized in recent years, will become less popular in 2021. Spending so much time at home has made home-dwellers crave visual interest, comfort, and playful design to provide a comfortable, cozy space. Vibrant, expressive colors will return to the forefront as home decorators find ways to choose bold, colorful centerpieces.

In conjunction with this idea, the idea of maximalism will reside as homeowners seek to build a visually-interesting space with art, sculptures, and knick-knacks. This is not only an excellent way to add warmth and personality to your space but is also a great way to curate unique pieces that are meaningful to you.

Also, sustainability will serve as a driving force behind interior design this year. Not only will natural materials like wood, natural fabrics, and stone add to the tranquil, relaxed aesthetic, but these materials will help home decorators place a renewed focus on furniture and decor that offers longevity, durability, and impeccable quality. 

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Popular aesthetics

With the modern farmhouse look dominating the scene in recent years, residents are looking to depart from this ideology and embrace a fresh collection of aesthetics cultivated by pandemic life. Keep a close eye on decor trends such as cottagecore, contemporary country, vintage, and maximalism—all have emerged as current frontrunners in interior design.

If you are new to cottagecore, then know this aesthetic can be summarized by using materials and furniture reminiscent of agricultural life and old-world style. Being stuck at home has caused home-dwellers to reorient to hobbies of yore like gardening, embroidery, and baking sourdough bread. Intrinsically, this ideology is more sustainable as it embraces materials and decor that are harmonious with nature. Think dried flowers, houseplants, vintage furniture, and natural color palettes mixed with neutral and warm tones.

As a departure from the modern farmhouse aesthetic, contemporary country style still emphasizes the neutral and natural elements of country style but is jazzed up with bold geometrics, metallics, and industrial components. In this design style, you might find soft shades like pale green, mint, or faded blues, with added elements of striped, patterned, or floral pieces.

In conjunction with the shift towards tranquil, comfortable spaces, the vintage style has made a comeback this year as home decorators forego fast furniture for antique, salved, or upcycled pieces that can be layered to create a cohesive theme. By adding rich elements like bold fabrics or statement lighting, harmonizing these aspects can achieve a vintage aesthetic.

Bring the outside in

With many residents stuck inside during the past year, 2021 has brought forth a resurgence of houseplants and decor reminiscent of nature. Home decorators have solved the issue of not being able to escape to the outdoors by bringing the outdoors to them. Incorporating natural elements like indoor trees, houseplants, wood, stone, and organic textiles helps residents feel more one with nature. They are also a great way to create a tranquil, timeless atmosphere. (Photo Credit: Real Homes)

The return of the houseplant is a stylish way to add beauty and vibrancy. Not only do indoor plants and trees add aesthetic beauty to our homes, but they also freshen indoor air and offer the tranquility of nature. Plus, growing indoors means having a fresh supply of herbs and vegetables at hand—without a trip to the grocery store. 

Due to the inability to travel for the past several months, many decorators are bringing the beauty of tropical getaways to their interiors by selecting decor that is bright, tropical, or reminiscent of the beach. In this way, bright florals and greenery of tropical destinations can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Another on-trend way of accomplishing this is to choose decor and furniture made of natural elements like rattan and wicker. By adding earthy color palettes and rich, natural textiles, these warm elements will contrast perfectly with the green of houseplants to create a comfortable, cozy aesthetic. (Photo Credit: The Spruce)

New color palettes

The unique circumstances of 2021 have also created a variety of popular color palettes. Ranging from blue hues reminiscent of the ocean to earth tones, adding colorful walls and statement pieces that lend to the overall theme of the room is an excellent way to harmonize various elements of design.

Each year, Pantone selects an annual Color (or Colors) of the Year that is/are a nod to current trends in interior design and fashion. For 2021, Pantone selected two colors. The first color, Ultimate Gray, has been described as “practical and rock-solid” in contrast to the second color, Illuminating, which has been described as representing “strength and positivity.” Excellent ways to are selecting throw rugs, pillows, or a feature wall to display the color. 

Another interior design trend in 2021 is to use serene blue tones that capture the feeling of a seaside escape. With being named as the Pantone Color of the Year in 2020, an emphasis on calming hues that provide a relaxing setting will not go away anytime soon.

Lending to the overall theme of creating warm, comfortable spaces, another on-trend color palette is earth tones used with pops of color. This can be accomplished using colors found in nature like faded green, deep red, rust, and brown. These warm, rich tones create a cozy atmosphere for home-dwellers and are a terrific complement to bright pops of color like burnt orange and peacock blue. (Photo Credit: The Pinnacle List)

New focal points

Beyond the shifting color palettes and design aesthetics of 2021, new trends have emerged as residents seek new focal points to enjoy. Take a look at why home offices, funky wallpaper, and headboards have become the best way to make a statement this year.

The home office has become as important as ever, and it has never been more critical to design a space with an emphasis on crisp, clean lines and an atmosphere for inspiration. Carefully-selected furniture pieces lend to the function and beauty of the space, as well as lighting that adds both style and function. 

With wallpaper making a comeback in recent years, the innovation of peel-and-stick wallpaper has become an on-trend way to add flair to your space. Plus, interior designers are using wallpaper in nontraditional ways like backing for cabinets or ceiling treatments.

Spending so much time at home has created a need for the master bedroom to be an escape for homeowners. This need for livable luxury has inspired designers to push the boundaries of traditional design. To expand on the aesthetic of boutique hotels, it has become popular to purchase or build headboards that add to the room’s atmosphere. (Photo Credit: My Decor Trends)

With so many thrilling trends for 2021, there is no better time to purchase a home to use as a blank canvas for implementing your favorite ideas for design. Looking to purchase a home in or near Chenango, Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Village, Piney Creek, or Chaparral near Denver? Put your best foot forward in the home-buying process by contacting Denver real estate agent Lisa Taylor today. With nearly 30 years of real estate experience in the Denver area, Lisa’s incredible work ethic and determination for client satisfaction are sure to land you in your dream home. 

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